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Put the Poconos Mansions on Your Bucket List of Things to Do Before You Die

Start racing in the Poconos mansions, now. Why, wait? Who doesn’t love fast cars (and baseball)?

Frankly, there is nothing like an open road to bask in the sunshine in a fast car, is there? So, take one’s friends and family and go racing through the Poconos Mountains. Book one’s trip now for the Poconos Mountain and one will be able to glide through the mountainside and go off-roading through mud and rocks.

If one has not rented a Pocono Mansion through Airbnb and VRBO, one has not truly lived. One must put the Poconos Mountains on their “bucket list” of things to do before they die. Everyone has seen the classic film The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and how Morgan Freeman drives a red mustang. Although the film begins with the two men lying helplessly in dull and drab hospital beds; one soon finds out that they are dying of terminal cancer. Ironically, instead of giving up on life, they create a bucket list on a crumpled piece of paper—they outline all of the places they would like to visit before they die, and they also include a list of activities that they would like to do.

For example, in one of this writer’s favorite scenes, they drive their favorite cars on a racetrack as fast as they can go with their racing helmets and racing gear driving a yellow Camaro and a red mustang. How can one forget this scene? Freeman drives a vintage red Mustang and Nicholson drives a yellow Camaro. Paradoxically, in a prior scene, Morgan Freeman receives a pathetic-little keychain as a present from his son-- the keychain is a toy-mustang, which foreshadows their future experience together. What is a keychain compared to the real-life experience of feeling the wind air in one’s hair with the windows open, the speed of the car, the purr of the engine, and the utter speed under one’s feet as they cruise around the racetrack in a sport scar? There is nothing better than racing on an open road in a standard sports car, especially the red

1969 Mustang, with nothing but the wind in one’s hair and rock music lulling softly from the radio.

The Poconos has a nice selection of ATV’s that one can purchase or rent or bring along and go off-roading as fast as one would like with nothing, but the open road in front of them. Everything is within proximity to the Poconos mansions. There is so much opportunity for excitement and exhilaration. If one has lost their lust for life, one must visit the Poconos mansions to be reminded of what it means to be alive again.

Although the Poconos Mansions provide a great deal of racing opportunities, including NASCAR events and sponsorships one can attend at Pocono Raceway. There are many NASCAR events and famous NASCAR drivers in the Poconos area. Before the race begins, one can meet famous NASCAR drivers and even get autographs. During a race, the fanfare comes alive and becomes an electrifying experience for spectators. One can check out the Poconos Visitor’s site online, which is consistently being updated, to check out the current schedule of events one can attend. The NASCAR racetrack is available to everyone who may be interested in racing. Have you even been behind a race car? If not, the Poconos has stock cars in which one can drive like a NASCAR driver and attempt to drive the Poconos “tricky triangle,” which is a challenge, for even the most adept race car drivers. Calling all race fans!

Place one’s trip to the Poconos Raceway today, by booking one’s rental today. It is a great experience for the entire family to enjoy.

In addition to racing opportunities and special NASCAR events, the Poconos mansions also offer the most interesting things to do, which one may want to add to their “bucket list.” In addition to NASCAR racing, one can drive their ATVs on a wide array of wayward, rocky terrain, from difficult as well as easy as rain. Experience all the Poconos trails has to offer.

The number of trails in the Poconos Mountains is endless. One can spend an entire day on their ATV, enjoying the scenery and driving as fast as one can safely drive. Imagine Fast and Furious.

In comparison to hotels, there is no authentic and immersive experience because each room is standardized and mass-produced like a cookie-cutter. Due to the standardized rooms, one may not feel at home, whereas the Poconos mansions have more than free Wi-fi, a large smart TV with any movie you want to watch at your fingertips, or a mini-bar. Not to mention, the experience of being able to stay in a multi- million-dollar mansion is something that most consumers may never have the opportunity experience. Honestly, what real value does a hotel room offer that the Poconos mansions do not? There simply is no comparison.

Furthermore, there are more activities that consumers have cited to be the most exciting, including a state-of-the-art movie theater with the coziest seats one has ever sat in. However, the movie theater was only an ancillary benefit to this customer’s overall experience. According to his recent testimonial, he states that the mansion which he held his own was like “city on a hill.” He continues to report, “There is no comparison to hotel rooms. The mansions are much cheaper than the price of hotels. And you’re only getting one room. There is no comparison. The supreme spacious and luxurious stay is beyond the best.”

Your Airbnb host, or property manager, had an indomitable spirit for the community. They knew every single idiosyncrasy of the town, and they provided pamphlets and information that was more than useful.

Also, in addition to general information requested, the Airbnb and VRBO host provided him with the best and most difficult routes for his ATV rental. He claims, after traveling the world, the Airbnb rental in the Poconos Mountains gave him superior value. He states, “I came back to work on Monday to a damn difficult job in finance… Before this trip, I was on my last leg. completely refreshed and refreshed like never before. To be honest with you, it was hard to leave. I would stay another month, if I didn’t have to get back to work. Ugggg….I was saddened to leave. My family was havin’ so much fun. I didn’t want the party to stop. The place was like the Taj Mahal. I felt like Leonidas….. But, the main thing I am going to miss is the movie theater because my family loved it and the popcorn machine. For the holidays, we watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘A Christmas Story’.

We haven’t spent much time together, so this experience was a much-needed gateway. My kids loved it, especially the pool table and other games.” According to this customer testimonial, the irony is that one does not have to travel outside of the United States to experience an exceptional vacation experience. The activities in the Poconos Mountains are as endless as the rivers and the woods.


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