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If one is in the real estate sector, everyone knows is not only known for its

leading dominance in the property management and brokerage online platform sector, but is

​also known for its deep and intricate roots in providing “luxury homes in top locations"


Vacasa, a prominent brokerage online platform site in the housing brokerage market, provides a multitude

of luxury homes in the Pocono Mountains, which are mainly Vacasa luxury single-family houses.

Not only does Vacasa list the site on a streamlined website, it has the ability to sell one’s home for the

most competitive market-price.

According to, one will see an enormous brokerage housing brokerage online platform, in which

one can easily post and sell their single-family home to a consortium of prospective buyers. 

As dictated by Vacasa, a luxury vacation home is generally valued at one million dollars or more.

According to Vacasa, such luxury vacation rentals are primarily used for many reasons, including but

not limited to the following: Vacasa family getaways,​ Vacasa romantic engagements, Vacasa

business conferences, Vacasa religious celebrations, Vacasa birthday ​celebrations, Vacasa

bachelorette parties, or any other special occasion for one’s family.

Although these Vacasa luxury vacation homes are primarily used for seasonal or recreational use –

they are easily rentable by prospective renters for a whole host of reasons. is a cutting-edge, top-notch analytical data platform discovered that the general sales of luxury

vacation rentals and luxury vacation villas have increased by nearly twenty-five percent over a year’s time


As a result, more Vacasa investors are purchasing houses with the intention of renting the luxury home,

short-term or long-term, depending upon the property owner’s discretion, at a ​comparable rate. 

​According to the recent analytics, it is apparent that Vacasa luxury vacation renters are

looking to rent Vacasa luxury vacation homes are statistically up two-hundred-thirty-five

percent, from April to June of this year (2022), in comparison to those numbers

demonstrated prior to the levels pre-covid.

There is a great desire to travel and experience an authentic and immersive experience in a different


Due to the boom in the Airbnb and VRBO business, Airbnb analytics have discovered

investors may even purchase the luxury property or a luxury villa with the intention of renting

the vacation property in order to turn a high profit, without ever having to live there at all. 

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