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VIP Poconos Rentals
Offers Short-Term Luxury
Vacation Rentals, Nestled in the Heart of Poconos Mountains

VIP Poconos Rentals prides itself on their ability to provide beautiful and spacious luxury


vacation rentals. VIP Poconos Rentals is a top-rated booking and property management firm


that provides short-term vacation rentals, and even longer-term vacation rentals, in the


Poconos Mountains. The Poconos Mountains is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, only a


short drive from New York and New Jersey. VIP Poconos Rentals provides the best and most


competitive rates for short-term rental vacation properties, and they also offer the best


luxury vacation rentals in the Poconos Mountains.

VIP Poconos Rentals offers short-term vacation rentals that are becoming increasingly more


popular and more lucrative. Since COVID-19, analytics demonstrate that short-term guests


were pent-up for too many months, so online short-term rental platforms, such as Airbnb and


VRBO, provided one with the opportunity to seek an instant vacation getaway, a family


reunion, or a romantic weekend. 







Not to mention, vacation short-term renters, especially if they are searching for vacation


luxury rentals or villas, are searching for the highest best practices and highest quality


customer service. According to a recent Times article, they cite Neal Carpenter; Carpenter has


been an Airbnb host for eight years. In addition, VIP Poconos Rentals provides insightful advice


to property owners and hosts alike, due to the fact that the expectations for short-term


rentals are increasing everyday, with more and more restrictions and compliance concerns. VIP


Poconos Rentals report the short-term rental industry is far more competitive than it used to


be; so, it is imperative for property owners to continue to maintain their best practices to the


highest standards. 







According to Jaime, the AirDNA Vice President of research reports that short-term vacation


luxury rentals are becoming more prevalent because of all of the lock-down restrictions and


CDC guidelines; Jamie reports, “2021 was a bumper year for short-term rentals in the U.S.,


largely thanks to pent-up demand after lockdowns giving a huge boost to domestic travel.”


Although Covid-19 plummeted some industries, it is important to realize that it increased the


revenue of the short-term rental industry.


In a post-pandemic world, market analysts claim that market share for VIP Poconos Rentals


will only continue to increase. Due to  their strategic marketing, their excellence to customer


service, and their adherence to best practices – they are becoming an indispensable part of the


short-term rental industry.






Furthermore, VIP Poconos Rentals informs the short term vacation renter that there is a large

increase and necessity for Airbnb and VRBO. There is a “demand is still rising every month, and


so are Airbnb’s bookings and revenue [...] Although hosts in some markets are seeing a


correction after a pandemic-driven boom, on the whole, demand remains very strong.” In the


short term rental industry, VIP Rentals provide more flexibility for guests, and they are able to


provide additional accommodations that short-term vacation renters are searching for.


In an age of social media, VIP Poconos Rentals success for short term rentals can largely be


attributed to their excellent customer service and exceptional communication skills, as well


as, their omnipresent online presence. 







Without question, VIP Poconos Rentals depicts that the short-term rental market for vacation


rentals and rentals for luxury villas is an ever evolving industry, which has increased


instrumentally. According to Taylor Marr, Refin’s deputy chief investor; he manages real estate


through Redfin’s brokerage firm; Marr comments that the shift toward the short term rental


market is consistently and steady on an upward trend, and based on his expert opinion the


market share has “shifted” in favor of short term rentals. He announced: “A lot of the supply


in these markets shifted away from the for-sale market and long-term rental market towards


the short-term rental market amidst a surge of demand for Airbnbs and other vacation


rentals.” Thus, based on the analytical research conducted by research analytics, one can see


the value of the short-term rental market.


Thus, the VIP Poconos Mountains partnered with Airbnb and VRBO, so one can see the demand


for short-term rentals in an industry that is obviously budding with immense growth. 


Check out VIP Top Poconos Rentals to see the luxury villas and vacation rentals available right




One can also email Poconos Top Rentals with any questions or inquires about one’s next stay


at one’s vacation rental: 






Top Poconos Rentals provide any kind of accommodation one may request, including allowing


service animals and pets. 


Book one’s short term vacation rental now at


For direct contact and live support, one can reach the VIP Poconos Rentals Property Manager


at 570-209-4233. Check VIP Poconos Rentals out on one of their social media platforms,


including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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