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Airbnb is Advantageous in Many Ways

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Let’s examine a client, who chooses to remain unnamed, he has stayed at many Airbnb’s and he testifies about his overall experience. In his eyes, there is no comparison between hotels and Airbnb. Airbnb rose above the typical hotel because of its price, value, and standing in the community.

He summarizes his Airbnb experience, “I’ve stayed at tons of Airbnb. Overall, they offer a far superior value. Many of the author’s arguments for a hotel are moot points like restaurants, bar service, and pampering. You can go to any restaurant you want, buy booze from a store at a

much-discounted rate, and you can go to a spa while staying at an Airbnb. My recent stay in the Bahamas (Eleuthera) was 3bd, 2ba about 1500 SQFT on the beach $450/nt. Hotel 800 sqft 1bd 1ba $1100/nt. Just one of many examples…” This client testimonial is very insightful and interesting to

comment on. He comments not only on the “superior value,” but the superior price of Airbnb and the excellence of their property management team. He also comments on how one can, for example, go to a spa in their neighborhood, and that it does not necessarily have to be the hotel. His points

are certainly valid, and the price is more than competitive. The hotel he mentioned was almost three times the value for only 800 SQFT. (and one bedroom and one bath). It is clear that hotels can be very expensive, so is it worth paying $600 more for better amenities?

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