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VIP Poconos Rental Property Announces a Three Hundred and Sixty Point Inspection 

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The VIP Poconos Rental Property Management Team Announces a Three Hundred and Sixty Point Inspection to Maintain CDC Guidelines

From managing heating to cooling to providing cleanliness and pest-control, the VIP Poconos Rentals Property Management Team announced they are providing a strategic and holistic approach to their vacation rentals. Their expert team of Poconos VIP Rentals members provide a whole host of specialists to maintain a full service maintenance campaign of their particular property. Unlike other non-full-service rental companies online, the guest will not be overwhelmed or responsible with everything from cleaning to other housing responsibilities and duties. The vacation renter will not be burdened by multiple utility bills (ie. electricity or heat); instead, there is one flat fee for the cost of the VIP vacation rental. With the Poconos VIP Rentals, there are no hidden fees. Call the VIP Property Management today at 570-209-4233 or email them at  

Before a vacation renter arrives, there is a thorough three-hundred-and-sixty-point inspection, which is completed by the Poconos VIP Rentals Property Management Team. The VIP Rentals Property Team are equipped with specialists who conducted a three hundred and sixty point inspection of each room, with an archetypal form of the house to itemize any areas which need to be steam-cleaned or repaired. Consequently, the cleanliness report is sent to the Poconos VIP Rentals Property Manager, who delegates all his tasks to his Poconos VIP Rentals Cleaning Department. If one has any questions regarding their steam-cleaning process, email them at     

Once a guest arrives, Pocono VIP Rentals Property Owner, ensures one hundred percent guarantee to tidiness. The polished hardwood floors are so clean that one will be able to eat off the ground. The Poconos VIP Rentals Property Management Team provides complete full-service maintenance for each of the homes. Due to the sheer size of these homes, the Poconos VIP Rentals mansions and the Poconos VIP Rentals villas need constant upkeep, and they need a full staff of professionals with the appropriate best practices which are required.

According to Pocono VIP Rentals, the cleaning and repair process is done prior to one’s night stay, and after one’s stay is completed. For example, a customer is not necessarily responsible for cleaning after their stay. Unlike hotels, they are not required to leave a tip or pay additional taxes or outrageous surgcharges. There are no hidden fees, because the cleanliness fee is built into the overall stay. Check out their available VIP mansions and VIP villas on their website:  

Consequently, the Poconos Property Management Group values one’s privacy and security. At no point in time, one’s privacy will never be interrupted by the Poconos VIP Rentals, unless there is an emergency situation, which needs to be tended to immediately. If there is anything one would like to report, please notify the Poconos VIP Rentals Customer Service Department directly at 570-209-4233 or email Poconos VIP Rentals at . One can also check out The Poconos VIP Rentals on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find out their most recent testimonials and innovations.    

First and foremost, the Poconos VIP Rentals Property Management Team prides their business model on their ability to keep their rentals 100% sterilized and to keep their rentals impeccably clean. Since COVID-19, consumers opted to stay in more rural areas, such as the Poconos, which were deemed as safer. During the pandemic, the Poconos Property Management Team grew instrumentally, as more and more customers opted to stay miles away from their neighbors in attempts to stay safe and maintain social distancing guidelines. COVID-19 helped to grow the industry of VIP rentals because of their exceptional due diligence to maintaining the appropriate CDC guidelines.

After each stay, the Poconos VIP Rentals Property Management Team does a full-service detailing cleaning by vacuuming the carpets, polishing the hardwood floors, sanitizing the kitchen using bleach, organizing and cleaning the library. Due to the sheer size of the Poconos VIP Rentals, the amount of cleaning that needs to be completed is endless. 

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