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The history. 

The Poconos mountains, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, located only two hours from New York City and New Jersey, provide some of the most beautiful mountains and luscious greenery in the United States. The Poconos Mountains provide ultimate relaxation vacation or  romantic getaway, for anyone looking for peace of mind.  It is doubtless that this experience will provide one with nothingless than an immersive and transcendent experience. Once one settles in the Poconos Mountains—one will be as comfortable as “bugs in a rug.” The Poconos Mountains provides one with the ultimate existential experience and provides one with the opportunity to get in-tune with the sanctity of oneself. Not only will one have a sublime experience in the Poconos Mountains, but one is also immersed in a beautiful piece of Native American history and culture. 

Historically, the Poconos Mountains was known for its sublime beauty and its indigenous natural resources to the Native Americans. Centuries ago, the Native Americans were the first to inhabit the land in the Poconos Mountains.  However, when the Dutch settlers arrived in the early sixteenth century, the Native Americans were slowly pushed off their land. 

Crazy Horse used bow and arrows to fight his way against us and with help defeat 263 men in the battle of Bighorn, he slaughtered countless men using nothing but a sword versus a gun. The man had an emotion that was so even, he didn't think. He became one with the land, knew how to defend it and didn't breath. He saw the land as the greatest defense of all. He knew which way to look, how to survive, and he never surroundered for the good of his people. He was a true warrior.  

Interesting point, according to the Native American legend, the Poconos Mountains is derived from the Latin word “Pokawachne” which can be best interpreted by the phrase “Creek Between the Falls.” Native American tribes, most notably, the Shawnee Indian tribe, inhibited the Poconos Mountains, not only because of its beautiful and sublime landscapes, but its accessibility to its endless rivers and its mountains. 

In the Poconos Mountains, the Native Americans not only found food, fire, shelter, and other natural resources necessary for survival, but they also discovered the Poconos Mountains to be an idyllic spot to develop their intricate society.


They mostly inhabited the mountain areas, which are now known as popular skiing resorts, for tourists all over the world to pay homage. If the Native Americans discovered the Poconos Mountains to be an exceptional place full of natural resources and sanctity, one should realize the immense value the Poconos Mountains has to offer the individual, for a romantic getaway or a weekend trip. In the Poconos Mountains, there is something for everyone to do! From skiing in the Poconos, to snowboarding, to snowtubing, to shooting ranges, to boating, to racetracks, to ATV racing—there are so many different leisurely activities to offer, including riding in horse-drawn carriages.



Not only will one have a breathtaking experience and become immersed in the historical landscape of American history in the Poconos Mountains, but after one’s stay, one has a holistic list of options of places to explore. There are so many things to do, even during the winter months, the Poconos Mountains offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing, along with many other winter-related opportunities for one to check-out. Never skied? Never snowboarded or snow-tubed? Not a problem. There are special trainers staffed on each of the skiing resorts in the Poconos. Generally, the skiing slopes range from beginner skiing slopes to difficult skiing slopes, depending upon one’s comfort zone. So, select a skiing slope in the Poconos that is aligned with one’s skills and abilities. 

Due to the innovation of online vacation rental platforms, such as Airbnb and Vrbo, one will be immersed in the Poconos Mountains as a local resident, and one can avoid being called a tourist.

In addition, skiing in the Poconos is very prevalent during the wintertime. The Poconos Mountains pride themselves on having the best skiing slopes in the United States. Why not try out one of these amazing skiing slopes in the Poconos Mountains? It does not matter, if one is an expert or a novice, the Poconos skiing resorts have the staff to provide specialty training. Tourists travel to Pennsylvania, from all over the country to check out the best skiing slopes in the United States. The most common skiing resorts in the Poconos are the following: Montage Mountain Resort, Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort, and Camelback Ski Mountain. Consequently, there are over one-hundred-and-sixty different skiing slopes in the Poconos Mountains, so there are many options, so why not book one’s lift tickets, lessons, or rentals online today! 

Not to mention, the skiing resorts in the Poconos Mountains are fully inclusive, and they provide one with state-of-the-art ski equipment on-site, including skiing gear and skiing equipment. The representatives in the Poconos skiing resorts are reliant upon the influx of business in the winter months, so they are ready and anxious to assist new and old skiers alike. One does not have to pack anything extra. Stop at one of the Poconos Mountain resorts to check out the skiing merchandise available. The local business owners in the Poconos Mountains care about making sure one has an absolutely positive experience, so they are determined to assist each skier with finding the best skies, ski shoes, ski coats and pants, ski goggles, and other equipment and materials necessary to maintain one’s safety. Also, the skiing specialists are knowledgeable and informative, and they will assist one with information on selecting the best slopes in the Poconos, such as the difficult and notorious slope called “Black Diamonds.” So, why not choose a Poconos skiing slope —and get started today by booking one’s vacation rental on Airbnb or Vrbo or one can book their next vacation stay directly through Poconos VIP Rentals www.pononostoprental . Poconos VIP rentals has a variety of luxury villas and luxury mansions that one can rent directly from their site. If one has questions or inquiries, please call 570-209-4233 or email   

Not only are there beginner and how-to-learn skiing slopes in the Poconos Mountains, but the Poconos Mountains also provide more difficult slopes for advanced skiers. Even if one is not an amazing skier, one must check out the skiing options in the Poconos Mountains. In the Poconos Mountains, there are many different types of skiing slopes in the Poconos Mountains; the most notable skiing slopes are the following: the Montage Mountain Resort, Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort, and Camelback Ski Mountain. 

Thus, the Poconos Mountains skiing staff works diligently on each course to make sure even the most difficult slopes are smooth and free from any impediments. According to the Poconos Mountains Visitor Resource Center, skiing in the Poconos Mountains is one of the most accommodating sports, for all ages, with many wide-ranging options, from individualized ski lessons to night skiing. Furthermore, there are fast lifts, there are short lines, and there are “impeccably groomed trails.” The Poconos Mountains skiing slopes are impeccably “groomed” trails. In the Poconos Mountains, it is important to maintain specially groomed trails, which are important to maintaining one’s safety on the skiing slopes in order to avoid any incidents or mishaps. 

First, the Montage Mountain Resorts provide some of the best skiing slopes in the Poconos Mountains. The Montage Mountain Resort covers over one hundred and forty acres of skiing, covers twenty-seven trails, and covers over a thousand vertical feet. The Montage Mountain Resort is a wonderful and highly recommended skiing resort in the Poconos, and it it is considered a home-away-from-home, due to all the amenities, but not limited to the following activities: special festivities, fireplaces, good people, luxurious and spacious surrounds, cozy couches, smart TVs, and gourmet food. The Montage Mountain Resort even provides easy terrain for beginners and expert skiing slopes in the Poconos, for those who are more advanced.


Another popular skiing resort in the Poconos Mountains is called Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort. The Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort has reduced “all pass prices” by twenty percent off, for new and old skiers, by providing an Epic Pass. One’s Epic Pass can be purchased online, so secure one’s lift today at One of items that distinguishes Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort, from other resorts in the area, is their innovative approach to night skiing, which they entitled “Dew After Dark.” One can enjoy watching the sunset, and one can enjoy a nice bonfire to keep warm. Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort choses to select nights in January and February 2023 to ride freely under bright lights. One can book their lift tickets up to seven days in advance to get the best savings. There are many options available to night-skiers in the Poconos Mountains, including Lift Tickets, Dining, Rentals, and Lessons. Ski rentals are also on-site, so one does not necessarily have to bring all of their equipment. According to the Jack Frost Big Boulder website, there are risk-free refunds, if one cancels within 72 hours of their booking.


Lastly, another renowned ski resort is called Camelback Ski Mountain, another popular ski lodge, which provides skiers with the option to ski, snowboard, and snow tube. Camelback Mountain in the Poconos was voted number one for skiing in Pennsylvania. One can do it all at Camelback Ski Mountain in the Poconos Mountains! Not only does Camelback Ski Mountain offer the basic skiing trails, it also offers adaptive skiing, race and freestyle teams, The Camelback Student Group Program, and Mountain Safety. Additionally, Camelback Ski Mountain offers the following: lessons for children, lessons for family and friends, and individualized lessons. Whether one is looking for a quick weekend skiing getaway or romantic getaway in the Poconos, it is easy to enjoy the best skiing resorts in the Poconos Mountains. Schedule one’s next skiing experience today to reserve one’s spot at


Ironically, in the United States, with global warming on the rise, there is not much snowfall, but in the Poconos Mountains, there is plenty of snow to keep one skiing in the Poconos Mountain during winter. 


When skiing in the Poconos Mountains, their number one priority is to maintain one’s safety and security, while on the slopes. If one would like to take a break from skiing, there are multiple luxury skiing resorts in the Poconos Mountains, which include casinos, live bands, gourmet food, shops, and wood-fire burning fireplaces. The skiing resorts in the Poconos Mountains are an excellent opportunity to meet local skiers, sit by the fire, and meet other travelers. Remember, when one books their trip to the Poconos Mountains, one must realize that they are not considered a tourist, since online renting platforms, such as, Airbnb and Vrbo and Poconos VIP Rentals (www.poconotop, make it possible for one to be immersed in the local community. By reserving a vacation rental through one’s trip through Airbnb and Vrbo or Poconos VIP Rentals, one will not be perceived as a tourist, but as a resident, since one has established a temporary residence.

Sadly enough, due to global warming, the Poconos Mountains is one of the few areas of the United States that produces snow, which makes it a rare treasure. Research shows that global warming is instrumentally impacting America, and causing temperatures to rise.


However, the Poconos Mountains has a plentiful amount of snow for skiers and snowboarders alike, which makes it a supreme treasure.  Therefore, one’s winter will be warmer, and one is lucky, if one may experience a snowfall of at least three to five inches. Therefore, the wintertime is an excellent time to see one’s first snowfall! So, take the opportunity to book one’s next vacation rental in the Poconos VIP Rental because there is nothing like a good snowfall, is there? It is quite exhilarating to see one’s first snowfall. However, due to the high altitude of the Pocono Mountains, snow is commonplace because of the immense vertical altitude of the skiing slopes. Also, one can always rely on a good snow-ball fight! There are also plenty of ski and snow activities that one can participate in, if one does not prefer skiing, one can participate in snow tubing or snowboarding.


During the winter, according to the Poconos Mountains Visitor Resource Center, the Poconos Mountains average at least fifty inches of snow per winter season, which enhances the supreme quality and safety of the trails. Therefore, it is important to start today by booking one’s next vacation rental on Airbnb, VRBO, or one can book their next vacation stay directly through the Poconos VIP Rentals propriety site, which is highly ranked and trusted by Airbnb and VRBO. 


The Poconos VIP Rentals has a variety of luxury villas and luxury mansions that one can rent directly from their site. If one has questions, please call Poconos VIP Rentals Customer Service Center at 570-209-4233 or email Poconos VIP Rentals at the following email address:  

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