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Poconos VIP Rentals–Luxury Mansions and Luxury Villas– Are Comparable to Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Mansion  

Not only is the Poconos Mountains known for its immense and intoxicating landscapes, it is also known for its supreme and impeccable mansions and villas, which are nestled right in the epicenter of the mountains. One will be able to open their door or window, and they will experience the fresh air, the greenery, the mountains, the rivers and brooks fraught with wildlife-- all in one simple breath. The Poconos mansions are comparable to the nineteenth century mansions in Newport, Rhode Island; however, they were not erected during the Gilded Age. But, they were erected during the twenty-first century, so many of the mansions are contemporary in-design, and they have the most cutting-edge technology possible, which guarantees one’s security and safety. 

The mansions in the Poconos have so much to offer, one does not even leave their abode, to experience the true essence of the natural world. Not to mention, the vast array of activities are endless. One customer testimonial reports that there are a variety of mansion rentals and one has the freedom to choose through Airbnb, VRBO, and VIP Poconos Rentals ( Poconos VIP Rentals offer a variety of luxury mansions that one can rent directly from their site. If one has questions or inquiries, please call one of their VIP Poconos Rental Customer Care Center at 570-209-4233 or email VIP Poconos Customer Care with inquiries at the following address


By renting a Poconos VIP Rental mega-mansion, one can save a fortune on little out-of-pocket expenses that add up in the long-term. Unlike hotels, one does not have to be confined to their designated spa, their hotel bar, or their exercise room.  Instead, one can use their own car, or they rent an Uber or Lyft to visit a spa of their choice. He also mentions that one is saving extreme amounts on alcohol by opting not to go to the hotel bar. Instead, one can rent an Uber or a Lyft, so one can drive to the local liquor store, and one can purchase an expensive bottle of liquor without having to pay an exorbitant fee, for only one glass of liquor (plus tax and tip, of course, in a hotel bar). In addition to the endless landscapes and picturesque mountains, there are so many amenities that VIP Pocono Rentals provides to their guests, such as heated pools, Olympic sized pools, saunas, and hot tubs—even indoor heated pools. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Poconos Mountains! To start, if one is hosting a large-scale party, an event, a business conference, or a family reunion– the Poconos Mountains is the ideal domicile. The guests will never forget the amazing experience they had immersed in the epicenter of the Poconos Mountains. Do not forget to check out the best website for VIP rentals and VIP mansions on 


For instance, one of the vacation rental mansions, the Poconos VIP Rentals (, offers a state-of-the-art gaming room and movie theater, which provides all the resources one can possibly imagine—and an interactive environment for anyone of all ages to experience. In the Poconos VIP Rentals, the gaming room is a wonderful way for a family to reunite. Gaming rooms include free access to high-speed Wi-Fi, arcade sized pool tables, large screen televisions, comfortable gaming chairs, arcade games, board games, among other games for children and adults to play. Poconos VIP Rentals also offer indoor pools and outdoor pools, which provide a fire-pit, grills, contemporary chairs and patio seats, lounge chairs, outdoor bars—perfect for hosting your next family gathering or family event. Not to mention, the beautiful scenery one will experience, while being outdoors. The air is nothingless intoxicating.

While one can become immersed in the outdoors, the Poconos VIP Rentals, the luxury mansions and luxury villas in the Poconos Mountains have enormous living quarters that are unbeatable in price. Speak to a VIP Poconos Rental Customer Care representative today about their competitive rates– VIP Poconos Rental Customer Care will beat any price, and they are flexible with their terms and conditions regarding their beautiful VIP Poconos luxury suites.  Poconos VIP Rentals offer a variety of luxury mansions that one can rent directly from their site. If one has questions or inquiries, please kindly call one of their VIP Poconos Rental Customer Care Center at 570-209-4233 or email VIP Poconos Customer Care with inquiries at the following address   


In addition, the Poconos VIP Rentals, located in the epicenter of the Poconos Mountains, are enormous, and they are equipped with contemporary furniture and fixtures, so one can truly feel at home. There is no end to the amenities that the Poconos VIP Rentals have to offer. There is art on the walls, antiques, knicknacks, and wonderful idiocracies that one can only get in the Poconos VIP Rentals. The mansions in the Poconos also offer California Closets, so one has plenty of room to organize their belongings, clothing, and shoes. In Poconos VIP Rentals ( the beds have one thousand count sheets, plush pillows, and the mattresses are replaced on a consistent basis to maintain only the best experience. Please book one’s reservation today through Poconos VIP Rentals at and a property management representative from the Poconos VIP Rentals will get back to one immediately with details regarding the vacation property.


Imagine, for one moment, if one works in the difficult sector of finance; one works diligently every single day of the week. One earned their money the hard way. Now, imagine, for a moment, breaking that monotony to get-away for a weekend, even for a week. Imagine, the cork as one opens a bottle of champagne, laying on the plushest bed and pillows, and, subsequently, experiencing the best night sleep of one’s life. Not to mention, there are no restrictions against bringing one’s friends, family, or colleagues in order to host a pool party with Poconos VIP Rentals. With friends and family flocking around the pool and grill, one can easily relax by drinking good liquor, playing pool, enjoying the gaming game or movie theater, or enjoying the outdoor pools or hot tubs. Give oneself the opportunity to live in supreme extravagance for a moment. Life is too short. Spend time with one’s family and friends. Have an amazing party at Poconos VIP Rentals today! It’s like going to Hugh Heffner’s PlayBoy mansion. Treat oneself and one’s loved ones by renting one of their VIP mansions or VIP villas today.

Also, if there is something that the Poconos VIP Rentals may not provide, such as a spa, one can visit the local town to receive the hospitality one desires. The VIP Rentals, vacation luxury villas and mansions, are located near the local towns, so if one would like to go to a spa, for example, one can travel to town. It makes one wonder if hotels will become obsolete. 

If one is not interested in spas, one should check out the “A Rated” top-rated restaurants in the area, which specialize in everything from fresh seafood from pizza to caviar. Make a reservation and take one’s party to the best restaurants in the area. Also, it is important to mention that the mansions which are rented from Airbnb, Vrbo, and Poconos VIP Rentals, each have a point of contact, called the host or the property manager, which can inform one with insider knowledge on the best eateries in the area. The host or Poconos VIP Rental Host is an informative resource for the vacation renter. One can call or text them anytime with questions or concerns 24/7. The host, a local, has insider tips that one may find helpful. On the other hand, one does not have to engage with the host at all, if one desires their privacy. 

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